Our Family

Meet some of the nearly 100 rescued animals at Liberation Sanctuary. Follow us on Instagram to meet more of our family.


You can't miss Ponzo, with her distinct half toothy smile.


Bottle fed for 3 months, the majestic Sambar deer Kang has called Liberation Sanctuary home since May 2016.


Salem made her own way to Liberation Sanctuary - she must’ve known she would be welcome here!

Huffy Puffy

There's no mistaking Huffy Puffy, who continuously huffs and puffs and has done so all her life.


Lestat was found roosting in a suburban backyard and handed in to a council pound. With only a few days to live, a team of kind people organised his rescue.


Yowie was discovered partially blind and suffering from a painful eye infection that had been left untreated for months.


Originally from a livestock farm, Duchess had found herself in a loving home before coming to Liberation Sanctuary in March 2021.


Named "Split" because of the split in her right ear, this sweet senior has called Liberation Sanctuary home since 2016.


Ollie joined the Liberation Sanctuary family as a bottle fed lamb in 2016. 


At a few days old, Bill was found at a dairy tied to a fence with blue twine, without shelter, wet and freezing cold.


Nigel is living his best life in his cockatoo mansion which he shares with fellow cockatoo Conan

Big Boy

Destined to be killed simply for being a male born into the dairy industry, Big Boy was rescued from slaughter.

Evie & Gilly

Evie, a feral cat, was kindly trapped by a rescue group to be spayed, however was already pregnant with Gilly and 3 others.


Born in January 2009, LuLu was rescued at three months old from the Ballarat saleyards.


Surrendered from a dairy farm weak and ill with Polio


Being a mix of black and white, a combination that doesn't sell well, Cimmaron was destined to be "culled"


Found abandoned in a cardboard box on the side of a Highway


‘Mama always said: life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.’ Well this Forrest certainly hit the piggy jackpot, not once, but twice!


At 9 years old, Mary was no longer profitable for her wool or her ability to lamb, and therefore fated to be sold off to the highest bidder and slaughtered for "Mutton". The local farmer did not want to slaughter Mary, so instead surrendered her to us.


Chrissy, the beautiful Bantam hen, came to live at Liberation Sanctuary a few years ago after a fox attack left her the sole survivor of the flock.


Found orphaned and alone on the side of the Nullarbor Highway 8.5hrs West of Adelaide


Tam is a Muscovy duck who was rescued by Animal Liberation Victoria in March 2015 with her 2 sisters and 2 geese after being dumped at the Elwood canal.


In the middle of winter, dairy calf Betty was found without shelter, huddled alone beside the transport truck ramp

Cherry & Blossom

A mother and daughter rescued from a neglectful situation.


An orphan determined to survive, now a loved family member at ALV’s Liberation Sanctuary.


Lucky for us, Santa doesn't need any more reindeer, so we get to enjoy the gift of Nova's love every day! 


Woody came to Liberation Sanctuary after his previous home was no longer able to care for him.

Frank & Francesca

Frank and Francesca were surrendered from an abattoir during a nationwide protest for animal rights.


Storm was found by an ALV volunteer, a tiny baby on a road, all alone.


Mabel is a partially blind cow who was severely neglected and close to death before her rescue.

Thelma & Louise

Thelma and Louise were born in a farrowing crate, where their mother was confined and unable to nurture them.


Strongheart was rescued from an abattoir overnight as a newly born calf. He was destined to be slaughtered the next morning.