Liberation Sanctuary
Animal Liberation Victoria’s forever home for rescued animals.

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Our Friends Are Family

We take in and foster animals and give them a life with dignity.

Our Family

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Tam is a Muscovy duck who was rescued by Animal Liberation Victoria in March 2015 with her 2 sisters and 2 geese after being dumped at the Elwood canal.

Featured Family Member


An orphan determined to survive

Featured Family Member


In the middle of winter, dairy calf Betty was found without shelter, huddled alone beside the transport truck ramp

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Lucky for us, Santa doesn't need any more reindeer, so we get to enjoy the gift of Nova's love every day! 

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Thelma & Louise

Thelma and Louise were born in a farrowing crate, where their mother was confined and unable to nurture them.

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Strongheart was rescued from an abattoir overnight as a newly born calf. He was destined to be slaughtered the next morning.

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Winter Update 2022

2022 marked Liberation Sanctuary's 7'th winter at our relatively new rural location in Gippsland.

Remembering Hamish

TW: Killing Someone

The story of resuced dairy calves Betty & Bill

In the lead up to Easter, we thought it was time to share the story of Betty & Bill, in hopes you will choose kindness this Easter by opting to purchase some of the many dairy free easter chocolates available in supermarkets and other retailers.

Celebrate Christmas with Kindness

Liberation Sanctuary update for 2021.

Trick or Treat!!!!

The team at Liberation Sanctuary never pass up an opportunity to celebrate!

How Long Can ‘Farmed Animals’ Live For?

Animals who are exploited and farmed live short lives before they are slaughtered. However if given the chance, they can live full, long and happy lives!

Working Bee: August 2019

What better way to celebrate our new volunteers than with a mini working bee and a bonfire!

Become a Volunteer

If you’re looking for a rewarding experience, volunteer your time assisting the wonderful animals residing at Liberation Sanctuary!