An orphan determined to survive

Sayla hasn’t had the easiest journey.

Sayla (formally Kaylee) and her identical twin Sierra were found huddled together in tall grass with their dead mother, who was shot, nearby. The babies still had their umbilical cords.  A kind couple nursed them for a week and then asked Liberation Sanctuary to take them in.

Sadly, after three days, Sierra ripped a hole in her bottle’s teat and the rush of milk gave her bloat. The little kid had four vet visits in five days, and we tried all we could to save her. Many tears were shed when she passed.

Kaylee now goes by the name Sayla, to honour her lost twin sister Sierra, combining the two names. Despite the tragic loss of her sister, Sayla is soldering on showing us all how to be courageous against adversity.

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