Yowie was discovered partially blind and suffering from a painful eye infection that had been left untreated for months.

In March 2014, Animal Liberation Victoria’s rescue team was on their annual Duck Season opening weekend mission west of Melbourne. As dawn broke the team noticed a young white calf in a paddock adjoining the wetlands. He was alone and separated from the herd and then they noticed one of his eyes was swollen and badly infected. Fortunately the team were able to lift this suffering youngster away to quick veterinary attention, which he had obviously been denied.

Yowie’s life was saved that day, but unfortunately his eye was too damaged to be saved, and had to be removed.  The vet stated it would have been left untreated for months to be in such a horrific state.  Also sadly during his vet examination, it was discovered Yowie would only have limited vision, maybe 10%, in his remaining eye.

In 2014, the Sanctuary was located in Elwood and we were not permitted to have cows on board. We found Yowie a lovely place in a Gippsland Sanctuary, but unfortunately after he had a wonderful year there, it had to close down. Luckily at this time an equally loving home came forward, with a vegan family who lived nearby.  As fortune would have it, by late September 2016 after ALV’s sanctuary had also relocated to 45 green acres in Gippsland, the family rang us to say Yowie was lonely on his own and they didn’t have enough room for a second cow.  So with great excitement we welcomed our dear boy back ‘home!’

Yowie definitely rules over Liberation Sanctuary and warms the heart of any and all who meet him. And what has made his life even more super special, is that a few years ago we took in another vision impaired calf who has grown to be a magnificent huge beast and is now Yowie’s best friend ever!  Yowie and Mabel are inseparable.  Yowie can often be found giving Mabel lots of loving licks – even though she bosses him around and steals most of his food!

Yowie is such a sweet gentle boy, who despite his limited vision, has adapted to his surroundings and enjoys life.  May we all be as resilient as beautiful Yowie.

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