The first of our beak and feather cockatoos, Conan, estimated born in 2010, was originally found by a couple on the side of the road as a young chick.

Conan spent his first four years with the couple who found him before spending a few months in a new home, but unfortunately an unfriendly landlord said he was unable to stay.

Conan moved into the ALV urban sanctuary in Elwood in late 2014, before relocating to Liberation Sanctuary in 2016 where he now spends his days in a large outdoor aviary with Nigel, although he doesn’t like to come out of his cage very often.

Both Nigel and Conan have beak and feather disease, a highly contagious virus which kills feather and beak cells resulting in loss of feathers and beak abnormalities.  There is currently no effective treatment for the disease and prevention is the best method of control.  In the wild, birds affected by this disease often die from starvation because they are unable to feed properly.

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