Our Family

Meet some of the nearly 100 rescued animals at Liberation Sanctuary. Follow us on Instagram to meet more of our family.


Woody was rescued twice: from slaughter, and again when his old home could no longer care for him.

Frank & Francesca

Frank and Francesca were surrendered from an abattoir during a nationwide protest for animal rights.


Storm was found by an ALV volunteer, a tiny baby on a road, all alone.


Mabel is a partially blind cow who was severely neglected and close to death before her rescue.


Atlas was rescued from a dairy farm where male babies are bludgeoned to death with a metal pole.


Marshmallow was surrendered by a 'free-range egg farm' because her foot is deformed, so she needs extra care.


Chloe was rescued from being killed so people could eat her flesh.

Thelma & Louise

Thelma and Louise were born in a farrowing crate, where their mother was confined and unable to nurture them.


Strongheart was rescued from an abattoir overnight as a newly born calf. He was destined to be slaughtered the next morning.