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Tom & Jeri

Rescued from a farm where they were being raised for the sole purpose of being killed so their flesh could be consumed

Rescued in early 2023 by a group of activists, if Tom & Jeri not been saved that day, they would have been killed long ago, with the turkey slaughter age between 10-18 weeks, when a turkey’s natural lifespan can be up to 10yrs.

Similar to chickens bred for their flesh, turkey’s have been selectively bred over the years to grow and gain weight very rapidly, which causes them immense suffering.  They are prone to heart, leg, and feet problems due to their unnatural growth rate and size.  Poults are also subjected to painful procedures such as debeaking, desnooding, dewinging (or wing clipping), toe trimming (or toe clipping) and spur removal, all without pain relief.

These two are a couple of the lucky few that were spared the cruel fate of ending up on someone’s plate, and will know a life of love and kindness.  However, due to the way they have been selectively bred, their lives may not be without struggle as they contend with the potential health problems that may arise as they grow older and larger and having been subjected to debeaking and toe trimming.  We will ensure they have the best lives possible with us here at Liberation Sanctuary.

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