Spared the fate of ending up on someone's plate

Chester came to live at Liberation Sanctuary in November 2022 along with some other broiler friends, Squiggles the rooster and Sir Bruce the pig when a change in circumstances meant that their previous loving home was unable to care for them anymore, after previously being rescued from a factory farm.

Broiler birds like Chester have been selectively bred to have reduced signalling for satiety so that they grow rapidly to reach slaughter size at only 6 weeks old.  They are prone to many health issues as a result of their unnaturally large size.  In factory farms, their artificially enhanced weight means their legs often collapse, crippling them and leaving them to die of starvation and dehydration because they cannot get to food and water.

For broilers who are fortunate enough to have been rescued, their size and resulting pressure on their joints makes them susceptible to bumblefoot so they require a lot more care and veterinary intervention than some of our other animal family members.  In Chester’s case, he had a bumble infection that spread to the bone, unfortunately resulting in him having to have one of his toes removed.  Luckily it was not a balancing toe, and the amputation has not affected his ability to walk or live a happy life, free from harm forever.

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