Advertised "Old Sheep" for free on Gumtree

Jesse, named after her saviour from Stronghearts Sanctuary who acted quickly to secure her safety as she feared she may have been used for dog food, which can happen to ‘free old sheep’, came to join the Liberation Sanctuary family on Sunday 4th September 2022.

We don’t know much about Jesse as the man who was giving her away didn’t offer much information, just that she may be with lamb as she had been running with a ram.  She has been a little neglected with her hooves requiring immediate trimming, which thankfully we were able to have done quickly to give her some comfort.  From the condition of her teeth it is estimated she is 8-9 years old, with about 2 years of wool growth on her.

Jesse is still adjusting to kindness, and stomps her feet if you get too close to her.  We hope with time she will understand she is safe and will only ever be shown love and kindness from now on.  She instantly began calling back and forth with fellow dorper sheep Percy who hopefully she will become good friends with now they have met face to face.

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