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Dumped at a country service station

Found living at a regional petrol station on a 100kmph main Highway in October 2021, Squiggles, along with 2 other roosters were rescued and brought to safety in a loving home.  Squiggles was a friendly boy from the start, jumping up onto one of his rescuers’ laps for food, a habit thought to have originated from his time at the servo where staff would feed him from their break area.

Once he realised he no longer had to beg for food, he gained his independence and always wanted to be in with the broiler hens.  He was gentle and protective of the girls, often seen protecting them from the other roosters while they ate.

When his rescuers could no longer care for him, they reached out to us to offer him a new home, which we gladly did.  In November 2022 Squiggles, and his broiler ladies, joined the Liberation Sanctuary family – free their lives happily together forever.

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