Celebrate Christmas with Kindness

Liberation Sanctuary update for 2021.

16 December 2021

above: Sayla at Liberation Sanctuary. Photo by Jess

Happy Holidays and a big thank you from Sayla (in the photo above) and all the animal family members at Liberation Sanctuary for your kind support and donations this year.

(right: Patty Mark with Nova. Photo by Jess)

The generosity of our sanctuary supporters and volunteers meant we were able to take in 34 animals this year, whilst continuing to provide a loving caring forever home for over 100 family members.

It’s been a busy year with Liberation Sanctuary welcoming 34 new animals including 13 babies and infants into care.  The bottlefed babies include two dairy calves found near death, a newborn lamb found on the Nullarbour Highway eight hours west of Adelaide with no one in sight, a puppy found at a drug house, a sambar fawn whose mother was shot by a hunter and a newborn kid whose mother was shot in a goat cull. And besides these high need little ones we also welcomed some roosters, a feral mother cat and her kitten, several ducks, hens, geese, a couple cows and a mother goat and her daughter.  All in all with over 100 animals to care for we keep very busy.

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We’ve sadly lost several of our beloved animals over this time including dear Chloe pig who ALV rescued as a tiny piglet back in 2011; Marshmallow, a crippled hen whose best buddy is Split an arthritic blind ewe; Stevie Turkey, who everyone took to with great admiration; Dirty Dani Duck who was always swimming but stayed dirty. And sadly we lost one of our longest standing supporters and dear friend Judy Kasputtis.  Judy’s ashes were spread at the Sanctuary as we planted a Blue Gum tree in her honour at a spot we call the lookout.

We were hit with several huge storms and power outages this year. One lasted five days, another three and then several anywhere from 6 to 24 hours.  When power is out we also don’t have running water.  The Sanctuary is located in a stunning, beautiful spot but one also noted for high rainfall and heavy winds.  We lost several trees and many branches fell down keeping up busy with burn piles and repair work. One huge branch fell onto the hen enclosure piercing two roofs, luckily no one was injured.  Another took out a part of our deer fence and a heavy wind ripped the roof off the summer pig shelter near the pig barn. Fencing is always needing repair and replacement.  Little by little we replace the older fences and we are fortunate to have volunteer handyman, Philip to be routinely mending fences.

Thank you to all the past and present staff at the Sanctuary this year: Trevor, Niki and Chrissy and currently Alex and Danni. And huge thanks to all our volunteers especially the regular ones including Philip, Jess, Siobhan, Skye, Laura, Lynne, Ethan and our full time volunteer live-in manager Patty.

And finally, our very grateful appreciation to all of the kind people who donate or volunteer their time and talents to making Liberation Sanctuary a safe and loving home for rescued animals. And a place where stories shared may bring freedom and justice to any animal in need.  Thank you!

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