In Memory

Here we remember some of our beloved family members who have passed away...

Huffy Puffy

There's no mistaking Huffy Puffy, who continuously huffs and puffs and has done so all her life.


Chrissy, the beautiful Bantam hen, came to live at Liberation Sanctuary a few years ago after a fox attack left her the sole survivor of the flock.


Issac was one of a kind, but also one of 70 BILLION broiler babies who humans kill and eat every year.


Found weak and huddled against a wall, Holly was rescued from a 'free-range' turkey farm.


Atlas was rescued from a dairy farm where male babies are bludgeoned to death with a metal pole.


Marshmallow was surrendered by a 'free-range egg farm' because her foot was deformed and needed extra care.


Chloe was rescued from being killed so people could eat her flesh.


Born on a truck going to the slaughterhouse, this is the story of how the Little Prince came to live a long and happy life at Liberation Sanctuary.